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Getting the Most Out of Your SharePoint Investment.

No one invests in technology just for technology's sake.  We make these investements with the expectation that the technology will provide far greater return than it costs.  At Nishino Consulting we embrace this expectation and are dedicated to helping you realize the highest ROI possible with your SharePoint investments.


The SharePoint platform provides a vast universe of possibilities for adding value to your organization and there are many ways to address any given business need.  Many consulting companies and consultants will push you toward an expensive, custom-code-driven solution that drives down the ROI of that solution and your overall SharePoint investment.


Our philosophy is different.  We believe in designing solutions that require no code.  This dramatically drives down the cost of the initial build-out of the solution as well as the long-term support and maintenance.  It also allows you to maintain the solution yourself without having to keep a SharePoint developer on staff.


Sure we occassionaly run into a must-have business requirement that requires us to bust out a few lines of code, but for us that's the exception, not the rule.  We always take a no-code-first approach to solving any business problem.


We also believe in delivering solutions that you can maintain on your own.  We'll be there to help you if you need it, but the value we provide is in understanding your business needs and crafting a solution for you that meets those needs.  We want you to keep coming back to us because we've delivered solutions that meet your business goals, not because we've locked you into an endless maintainenance cycle with an arcane custom-code solution.

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