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Based in Portland Oregon, Nishino Consulting brings years of experience in envisioning, designing, and implementing enterprise-grade business solutions on Microsoft's SharePoint platform.  Whether your organization is new to SharePoint or old-hands in need of assistance we can help you with your SharePoint solution needs.

Services & Solutions


Nishino Consulting has extensive experience in leveraging SharePoint as a platform for delivering business solutions.  We have implemented solutions across all lines of business in a multitude of industries.  Examples of solutions implemented include:


  • ISO 9001 complliance system for a footwear manufacturer

  • HR employee disciplinary system for a high-tech manufacturer

  • Task management for monthly book closing for a government agency

  • Power Plant document control for a regional power company

  • ...and more

SharePoint Philosophy
Getting the Most Out of Your SharePoint Investment.

No one invests in technology just for technology's sake.  We make these investements with the expectation that the technology will provide far greater return than it costs.  At Nishino Consulting we embrace this expectation and are dedicated to helping you realize the highest ROI possible with your SharePoint invstments.




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